Essay 1, The influence of the Reformation in real ways in our daily lives:


ESSAYS on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation: ESSAY 1: Influences of Dr. Luther’s Reformation.

While many associate October 31 as a “Trick or Treat Day,” October 31 for us Lutherans has special significance. In 1517, Dr. Luther nailed 95 thesis to the North Door of The Wittenberg Church beginning one of the largest movements in human history, The Reformation of The Church.  During the course of the next four months sermons, bulletins, worship services, Bible Studies and special emphasis will be placed upon the Reformation as we celebrate the blessings of God and His free gift of grace.  The Reformation was more than just some objections and changes to theological and church practices.  The Reformation brought significant and lasting changes that not only affect our spiritual life, but our daily life in ways that might not have imagined. Here is the 1st essay over some of those influences.

  1. The Reformation led to the beginnings of our nation. Without the Reformation and the spread of Protestant religion, emigrants may have never wandered from their European shores. .   The Reformation spread to the corners of Europe and to The British Isles, where Protestants who were seeking religious freedom from the state came to America.  They were the pilgrims, Protestant Puritans, who wanted freedom to worship according to their conscience.
  2. The Reformation was profound in unifying the German Language.  Dr. Luther using state of the art media of that day, “The Guttenberg Printing Press,” shared numerous theological writings and objections to the abuse of the Roman Catholic Church that spread throughout Germany and Europe. However, his translation of the Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament into German unified the German language and its use in all phases of German culture.
  3. The unification of language added that The Reformation, which held that God’s Word, The Bible is to be placed in the hands of all was instrumental to massive changes in education and schooling that we are blessed with to this day. The Reformation insisted that all, including the poor, women and children need to be taught to read so they could read the Bible.  In many ways, Dr. Luther is really the Father of the Public School, Luther argued that if the state had money for roads, bridges and armies, it had money for the schooling of children.   This insistence of literacy had enormous influences on Europeans and Germans in particular. Germany has the 2nd largest book market in the world and our modern world highly regards literacy for all.  
  4. The Reformation also led to a massive increase in the use of music and singing and placing the truths of God’s Word in the artistic form of music.  To Dr. Luther, a Christian Church is a singing church as we “sing faith into our hearts.”  To Luther, Scriptural blessings and truths fight off the devil and evil, much like David’s playing the harp moved evil spirits leave King Saul.  The Lutheran Hymnody is a great blessing to not only Lutheran Christians, but to all of Christendom.  Luther’s influence on the blessing of music has lead Germany to currently have over 120 orchestras, more than any other nation on earth.

This is part 1, in future months and newsletters even more significant influences of the Reformation will be shared for us who by faith treasure, “Christ, Scripture, Grace and Faith alone!”  May we always cherish, that “The just shall live by faith.”  In Christ, Pastor Mews