Respect and "A Father Less Society."

“Sharing Christ and Growing Disciples.” 

The Christian Truth to “Post Modernity and a Father Less” Society:

A few weeks ago, following the Presidential Inauguration I watched with concern the vulgar, rude, violent and vandalistic acts of some protesters.  As God has created His two realms; Church and State, one is called to vote their conscience and the laws of this state grant freedom to peacefully and lawfully assemble and protest.  That was not happening for some. As Christ did not lecture on the philosophy or types of government, He himself, respected authority and rendered unto Caesar which is Caesar’s and expounds on state and governmental authority through His apostle, Paul, see Romans 13.   All are called to respect and obey authority until that rightful authority asks one to sin and go against God’s law.  See Acts 5:39.


In the timely, wise and astute, book, “The Wounded Healer,” the author calls most in the west, (that’s Europe, North America and most of South America), a Father less society.  Not in the sense of orphans, or single parent homes or families in which dad has abandoned or re married.  To him, we are Father less Society as there is no longer a universal truth or world view that shapes our world.  As spoken many times, “I have my truth and you have your truth, I have my beliefs and you have your beliefs.”  (That in a nut shell is post modernism!)   In a world where there is no dominating view of reality and truth, there can be no teachers, superintendents and yes, even “Fathers,” who espouse and teach, guide and discipline under that grand view of life.  No one;  the grumpy old teacher, the out of touch pudgy preacher, the fired up coach, the hurried, over worked parent, or the elected official that many view of self-absorbed, have anything to teach or say to anyone, especially "me!"   The author then points out in a Father less society, the only thing that is left is a “What have you done for me lately society, or I’ll listen and follow you if a like you.”  This view has lead to the “God is only love” false theology as there are no rules for me and certainly I won’t be held accountable to God and hell is a myth used to scare the naïve.  In the early church, when most were fearful of the government, God’s Word steered one into the Biblically sound view of authority grounded in The 4th Comm.  that adds a blessings, “Honor Your Father and Mother, so that it may go well with you and you may live long on earth.” God’s Word also taught and admonished the state, “Not to rule it over anyone, no one is above God’s law and that the state is to be a servant.”     

 For us believers, we know there is an over-arching truth and world view.  We confess it weekly in the creeds, which many of you have probably memorized.  Truth is personified in Christ Jesus, the way, the truth and the life.  We know that time runs linear and ultimately Judgment Day and Paradise will come.  While we may lament a “Father less society”, God still calls people into His Kingdom, into the arms of God who so loved the world, He gave His Son…… The Lutheran question;  What does this mean for us?

  1. Respect and honor all those in authority for it is given and appointed by God.  
  2. Adoration, admiration and praise may be earned.
  3. God sets pastors, teachers and others in authority,  who seek what is best for us.
  4. The early Christian Church had some rather wicked Caesars who ruled over them.  Some of them persecuted the church, none the less, Caesars noted that Christians made decent citizens.
  5. It is a mystery why God allows evil rulers, but God promises that all things work for them.
  6. Christ died for all and will take us to heaven where there will be no need for government.  Blessings, as we walk by faith and devotion in both kingdoms. Pastor Mews