St. Paul says that, “We are not to be like infants on milk, but rather that we grow up and mature in our faith.”   In all honesty, I forgot the majority of stuff I learned in Junior Confirmation. As a matter of fact, I really wasn’t that much into Lutheran Theology, The Small Catechism or even “learning about God,” when I was confirmed decades ago.  For the most part I was forced to attend confirmation, (That really isn’t that bad!)  I looked forward to our breaks where we went to a near-by candy store, played football in the church yard and hung out with friends. I did enough to make it through confirmation, like most in my class when Confirmation was done, I was through with church as well.  My understanding of my faith and Luther’s Small Catechism wasn’t that deep or profound. However,  God promises that His Word will not come back empty.  By God’s grace, I was called to become active in the youth group, went on to study for church work and only by God’s grace did I mature in the faith and am your Pastor.

Last month’s  newsletter spoke about the church’s opportunity to mature disciples. Maturation comes from personal devotions, public church attendance and in depth Bible Study. God has called ministers to feed the flock through Bible Studies.   Sermons are fine, but it’s easy to get distracted and we live in a non-listening society.  We also need to be honest with ourselves that if we don’t feed our faith, it tends to fade and that we too didn’t fully grasp or understand the depth of God’s Word when taught to us between our 11th and 14th birthdays.   Since the day of creation, the great blessing of our faith is to daily mature in that faith until the day we die.   The church is made up of believers and is greatly blessed by mature and maturing members.  Jesus spent His ministry calling ‘newbies’ to the faith and maturing all of His children, specifically His disciples.  TV/DVD’s/MOVIES/BINGE WATCHING does not mature our faith.  The church is also hampered by ‘immature members’ who assume that they fully understand the faith, even though for some it’s been years since personal devotions, Bible Studies, worship and in depth Biblical learning.   As your shepherd, I firmly believe that there is great blessing if ALL of our members would attend/participate in “Life with God,” once every 5 years.  The blessing:

  1. It RENEWS and MATURES your faith.  Tough questions can be asked and answered.
  2. It ALLOWS you to get to know Pastor Mews and members/new members better.
  3. We have all FORGOTTEN a lot since our days in Confirmation instruction so many years ago.
  4. It allows God’s Word to TOUCH your heart and soul as your life experiences, joys and challenges change.
  5. It makes our WORSHP life and life in The Church more meaningful. Nearly everyone says that the class was a blessing!

Our church would be a much more different church in a very godly and meaningful way if all of our confirmed members would dedicate themselves with attending “Life with God,” (LWG) once every five years.    LWG is going to be offered beginning the 2nd Monday in January, May and September each year.   Our Lord promises to us that His Word is of Spirit and it is of Life.  Jesus tells us that His Word is truth, and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”  All Scripture is “God breathed and useful for rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.”   Pastor Mews.