Membership at St. Peter's

We welcome all who want to become a member of St. Peter's. Be sure to stop by the welcome center, and pick up information about our beliefs and ministries. We encourage all perspective members (transfers and those who do not currently belong to another church) to take our "new member" class titled:  "Life with God".
As you decide, please realize:
Membership is a commitment to regular worship.
Ask yourself: “Have I been faithful to my worship life so far? Can I commit to being regular in my worship attendance when I become a member?”
Membership is a commitment to Jesus Christ.
Ask yourself: “How am I progressing in my life with our Savior? Am I at the point in my life that will enable me to have Jesus as the Lord of my life?”
Membership is a commitment to supporting Christ’s Church.
Ask yourself: “Am I using my gifts, talents, and abilities in the church right now…or do I want to? What portion of my blessings am I returning to the Lord every week when the offering is taken? Can I commit to making a bold change in y lifestyle right now, to help support the church’s mission?”
Membership is a commitment to further growth in knowledge and faith.
Ask yourself: “Can I commit to scheduing further Bible study into my life once "Life with God" class is over? Or do I suspect I’ll be “done” learning once this class is completed?”
If you feel you are ready and committed to being a member of St. Peter’s, contact the church office (309.699.5411) and we welcome you to St. Peter's!