Life with God Class

Do you have questions about your life? Who is God and what is the meaning of life? What happens after one dies? Why are there so many different religions? These questions and more will be answered through our "Life with God" class.
"Life with God" is our Lutheranism 101: Talking Points for the Bible & a Beginner's Guide to Everything You Wanted to Know About Christianity, But Were Afraid to Ask class.
This class has 3 purposes for anyone:
  •  wanting to become a communicant member of St. Peter's Lutheran Church
  • interested in hearing about the basics of the Christian faith and what the Lutheran church teaches
  • who's already a member, but wants to dig deeper and relearn the basics
This 12-week class is facilitated by St Peter's Senior Pastor, Pastor Mews. He loves teaching this course and has been teaching if for over 15 years. "Life with God" meets on Monday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm in our ABC room. There is also a Sunday morning Bible Study component (9:30-10:30am) where participants go over the basic teachings of the Bible in a comfortable, easy to understand manner. "Life with God" dates are publicized in the church bulleting and newletter. Sessions are ususally scheduled three times a year, beginning in September, January and May.
Whether you are a person with no church experience, wishing to renew your faith, explore the heart of Christianity in a non-threatening environment or wishing to become a member of our church, "Life with God" is for you.
Nearly everyone praises the class for having a Godly impact in their walk with Christ and share, "It renewed my faith, and I learned things that I never thought of before."
Please phone our church office at 309.699.5411 and we'll get you registered quickly!