Action Items

As the name implies, action items are the steps ministries at St. Peters must take to resolve an issue, mitigate a risk, or handle an unplanned activity.

Each action item is assigned to an individual because, while a particular ministry may have the responsibility for an action,  there's an old adage that says “everybody’s problem is nobody’s problem”. 

The person listed as the point of contact is not necessarily "doing the work", but rather ensuring that the task or issue gets resolved in a timely manner.

Having this list of action items makes it easy to provide the congregation with the status of tasks or issues St. Peter's ministries are working on, and provides a point of contact if an individual can help complete a task.
It builds a level of accountability and it provides a way to prevent items from "falling by the wayside".

Action Items Legend

Ministry Symbol
Church Council COU
Board of Education EDU
Elders ELD
Board of Finance FIN
Foundation FOU
Leaders LEA
Music MUS
Board of Outreach OUT
Technology TEC
Board of Trustees TRU
Usher Teams USH
Youth YOU